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With experience on 3D animations on our YouTube channel 1.9+ million views, 6 book publications on Amazon, a dozen articles, and 13 Blender products, we put forth to you our best works for you to witness.

Expertise - Blender, DaVinci Resolve, GIMP, PC Hardware, Fiction & Non-Fiction

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Poker Night with Markovas

After Markovas lost the battle at court for his car accident, the lawyers wanted the money from him, for which he thought to be a good idea to easily earn from playing poker Texas hold 'em, especially because any profits were tax-free.

Accident Attorney

When do you contact a car accident attorney? Accidents are something we cannot evade, and it's a matter of time before we're met with the consequences of our or someone else's actions on the road.

Urban Pigeon Adventures

In the noisy urban streets with people wobbling about and cars whizzing by, one little pigeon was subtly observing all this usual behavior.

Blender - Speaker Overhaul

Automate your scene’s audio within Blender with the Overhauled Speaker addon that can be synced to animations, model motion and world ambiance. Using the underdeveloped speaker as a foundation, this addon creates the opportunity for flexible and easy automation for comprehensive sound design.

Beginner's WriteBase

There’s an aspiring author in all of us, hiding deep and awaiting to one’s choice of light.

The more you wait, the more you’ll increase the stream of thoughts at the ideas of grandness and creativity. Act now.

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inlet komsomol: right thing's price front ebook cover


In Eastern Europe a boy is met with the choice of doing the right thing, but the cost of such may shift his future to an entirely different direction.

No matter his choice, fates rest upon the feet of those who take life into their own hands.

Blender - Weather Particles

Particle systems tend to have this overlay effect that feels artificial to the eye, especially when the particle system follows the camera as it moves. But instead of an overlay effect, we’re looking for one that feels like it belongs to the scene, giving it depth and atmosphere.

inlet lies of the modern world ebook front cover

Lies of the Modern World

Age of the snake oil scheme has passed into history, but with the great haste of information and constant change of our world, this stagnation in knowledge and understanding proved to be a catalyst of ignorance.

inlet lies of the modern world ebook front cover

Mr Reaper

The year is 2089 and the world has blossomed with technology and stability. Wealth is spread across the globe and control over the environment is now a reality.

But the problems of the old world still fester at places forgotten by the machine of change.

Blender - Volumetric Light Effects Pack

Volumetrics in Blender have always been a consuming process that would lead to choppy previews and huge render times. Learning from how games did it best in the past, it's time to use the hidden potential of Eevee and create similiar results with faked volumetrics that do the job right.


Many topics roam around our head with disorganized chaos, but then comes the time when one tries to create cohesion and show their ideas or observations for others to digest.


Since this page isn't meant to have everything we've ever done, check out the additional materials that go with our work in a concise and navigable manner.

What We Offer

Animated promo, intro and outro, lower 3rds, profile pictures, ads; Any kind of custom models with rigs, textures, animations and so on.

YouTube thumbnails, book covers, promotional material.

Developmental, copy editing, proofreading. Ghostwriting, content writing for social media and articles that have been properly researched.

Putting together a production into a comprehensible video. Editing vods with their best highlights.

A service includes all proper licensing, exclusive or non-exclusive, with detailed instructions for use and restrictions (if present).

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Bank transfer, PayPal (debit, credit cards), Wise, Western Union, Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, PRPS, DUBI)

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